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Unit 3 Floodlands

This has been a fantastic unit to study, which really appealed to all. It is set in a future where the world has been flooded and is the story of survival! This unit lent itself to many opportunities for role play and discussion, along with many writing opportunities! A thoroughly enjoyable unit.


Unit 4 Knots On A Counting Rope

This is a North American Indian tale about a grandfather and his grandson, where the grandfather is trying to prepare his grandson for his death. A great piece of fiction,for the children to enjoy. 



Unit 1: Giant's Necklace


Our year group was hooked on the short stories of Michael Morpurgo, a tale of twists of turns had us all gripped. We went on a journey, following Cherry on her holiday...who would have thought collecting shells would be so dangerous?

Unit 2: War Horse

We loved the Michael Morpurgo tale set in World War 1 told through the eyes of one of the war horses. The story began in an English farm, where Joey lived his life ploughing the fields, it wasn't until he was called upon to the trenches where his adventure truly began. We produced a wide range of work based around the story