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Computing has all be about investigating what goes on inside a computer and how we communicate with the machines.

Using a program called purple mash, we got to see the world of coding - the language used to tell the computer what to do.


Each week the children were set a variety of challenges designed to develop the class' coding skills. They had to create, fix and improve a variety of programs to complete the task. It was certainly a challenge but that is what year 6 loved most, nothing better than building your resilience alongside your subject knowledge.


Game Designing

It is Christmas time already and the hunt for the next big game is on. Luckily year 6 have been employed to create it. App games are becoming more and more popular as gaming on the go becomes the norm.

Using the program Sketch Nation' the children challenged themselves to use a variety of functions to create an engaging and entertaining game. Each group produced a really impressive game and enjoyed having a go of each others. Each week, the children added more features, including boost, upgrades and rewards.